MR1-3A:  Understanding
Teamology Survey

Assessing Missional Team Roles

This workshop will be an overview of the APEPT Teamology Survey.  Workshop leader will identify the key components of the APEPT Teamology Survey and benefits of making assessments of team members for effective ministry results.





Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That teams that compliment giftedness will produce greater ministry results.

2.  That the APEPT Teamology Survey will aid in identifying strengths among individuals.

3.  That understanding individual leadership abilities and weaknesses will assist the ministry staff in how to best use giftedness in the spread of the gospel and discipleship of believers.


Workshop Outline

1.  Introduction to APEPT Teamology Survey

2.  Key Components of the APEPT Teamology Survey

3.  Applying Teamology Survey Findings to Ministry