Understanding APEPT Survey

Personal Ministry Development

This workshop will aid those who have taken the APEPT survey, or those who plan to establish ministry teams for missional engagement in understanding the design of the APEPT survey. The workshop is helpful in understanding value orientations of the survey participant.  Results will evaluate the strengths and weakness of the participant in the APEPT roles with the goal for personal ministry development as well as for service in the local church body.



Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  You will learn that the APEPT survey is designed in terms of 23 value orientations.

2.  You will learn about the primary, secondary, and tertiary characteristics, results, capability and gift cluster of the APEPT survey.

3.  About missional strengths that are evaluated in the APEPT survey.

4.   Discuss the efforts of the missional ministry team needs participants from all 5 areas with equal effort to complement one another.


Workshop Outline

1.  Development of the APEPT Survey

2.  Blended Missionality Descriptor and Missional Emphasis

3.  Missionality Evaluation

4.  Missionality Strengths

5.  Testing Values

6.  Key Dimensions