MR1-5C:  Balancing
Ministry Leadership

Developing Effectiveness in Ministry Leadership

Crutical to understanding of ministry leadership,  this workshop will focus on relevant leadership issues including skills, and roles needed for balanced leadership in ministry.  Ministry effectiveness will be discussed along with the ministry roles.  Participants will learn about the current and preferred stages in the church lifecycle relative to organizational culture, roles, and more. 


Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop

1.  Gain an understanding of  issues related to ministry leadership.

2.  Discuss skills and roles needed for missional leadership.

3.  Discuss ministry effectiveness and a plan for balanced ministry leadership.

4.  Review current and preferred stages in the churches lifecycle.


Workshop Outline

1.  Ministry Leadership Skills

2.  Ministry Leadership Roles

3.  Ministry Effectiveness

4.  Ministry Importance

5.  Ministry Roles

6.  Stages in Church Lifecycle