Series Seminars

MS1.  Evangelization Strategy

MS2.  Congregational Strategy

MS3.  Leadership Strategy

Questions Answered

1.  Have you identified the ethnic, lifestyle, lifestage, and religious groups within your community?

2.  Have you evaluated the community & congregational cultures to determine potential, opportunity & calling?

3.  Can you demonstrate ways in which you are interconnected with a particular group in the community?

4.  If you reach a particular group, will you be able to disciple them and incorporate them into your congregation?

5.  Are you ready to reproduce the message and ministry among the cultural groups in the community?

6.  Have you developed worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism & ministry that is culturally appropriate?

7.  Do you have leadership from within the cultural group that can mentor and lead the new believers?

8.  Have you designed & implemented contextual plans, projects & processes that enable you to reproduce?

Series Logistics

Training designed for missional leaders and ministry management teams

All seminars are 1 day in length

Can be scheduled Fri night / Saturday

Assigned projects in between seminars

Outcomes include developing a missional strategy with action items, projects, and processes.


Seminar Scheduling

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Delivery Modes

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