Series Seminars

MR1:  APEPT Missionality

MR2:  Apostolic Missionality

MR3:  Prophetic Missionality

MR4:  Evangelistic Missionality

MR5:  Pastoral Missionality

MR6:  Teaching Missionality

APEPT Overview

Introductory Workshop


Delivery Modes

Online Livestream

Online Asynchronous



Series Logistics

Training designed for missional coaches, missional leaders and community missionaries.

All seminars are 2 days in length

Assigned projects in between seminars


Seminar Scheduling

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Testimonies after an APEPT Missionality retreat by the leadership team of a new church plant:  Lighthouse Community Church in Long Island, New York.

Series Links

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MA Series:  Missional Artisans

iQ Series:  iQuest America


Other Links

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