Missional Training provides on-site training of lay missionaries, missional leaders, and missional strategists.  We equip people to serve interculturally in their communities to reach people for Christ and make disciples of all groups of people. 

Biblical Foundations

In Luke 10:2 we read that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We are asking the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers into the harvest field of North America. The training that we provide is an essential part of that sending. All of our training is based upon Biblical principles and equips people for various missional roles.

MissionSmart Training

Most evangelism, disciplemaking and missional training for North America today has been so simplified, "dumbed down," and generalized that it has lost its ability to be pointed to specific cultural groups and to specific missional roles along with their needed skills and tasks. Ten2Training on the other hand, has been "smartend up" so that you actually receive the missionary training that you need. We provide understandable but comprehensive training that introduces the participants to the thinking tools that they need to serve effectively in missional endeavors.  

Missional Trainers

Our trainers have years of experience and have advanced degrees in missions. As a result we have developed training that delivers the training that "foreign missionaries" receive, but customized for the North American context. Our trainers incorporate both the academic knowledge and the field-based experience to enable the students to better understand how to implement the training they receive.  

Field-Driven Training

All of our workshops, seminars and series were developed at the request of someone in the mission field of North America. All of our training has been designed to answer a need to equip people who serve in various missional roles. All of our training continues to be field-tested and refined to constantly update and improve its effectiveness.

Training Trainers

We also specialize in training trainers who would train others. We believe that we should invest in the lives of equippers who will use our material to train others. We design customized training for our missional partners to help them to multiply their efforts. Please contact us if you need this level of training or if you need customized solutions.



Missional Training is missionary training designed for everyone, not just the seminary trained person.  Thus all of our training is based on sound missiological foundations.  Missiology is the area of practical theology that investigates the mandate, message, and mission of the Christian church, especially the nature of missionary work.[1] Missiology is a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural field of study incorporating theology, anthropology, history, geography, theories and methods of communication, comparative religion, Christian apologetics, methodology, and interdenominational relations. "Inherent in the discipline is the study of the nature of God, the created world, and the Church, as well as the interaction among these three."[2]