Dr. Curt Watke

Missiologist & Executive Director
Intercultural Institute for
Contextual Ministry 

Director of Missional Research
& Missional Training


Dr. Curt Watke is a North American missiologist with a passion for reaching the diverse people groups across North America. He has developed cutting edge contextual resources for helping churches connect with their culture.  He has served churches in pastoral ministry in Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania and trained church planters who started postmodern Anglo-phone, Chinese, and Portuguese-language churches in Canada. He has trained pastors on three continents, holds two masters degrees from Biblical Theological Seminary and a doctorate (PhD) with a double major in both missiology and in evangelism from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has conducted sociocultural research in both the United States and Canada; served as a professor of Evangelism & Church Planting at Prairie Bible College and Graduate School in Alberta, Canada and has taught at four other seminaries and graduates schools in the United States and Canada He founded the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry in 2003 after serving in the Church Planting Group at the North American Mission Board, SBC.  He also serves as the Director for Missional Leadership at the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania / South Jersey (part time).

Training Specialities

Biblical Theology of Mission

APEPT Missionality

Missionary Principles

Missional Arts

Missional Strategy

Missional Leadership

Intercultural Evangelization

Intercultural Research

Missional Assessment

Starting Missional Congregations