MR1-4C:  Balancing
Organizational Cultures

Balancing Church Structures to Empower Missional Ministry

This workshop will allow the participant to understand key issues in balancing the organizational culture of a local church.  Both positive and negative competing values in organizational cutures will be discussed.  Topics will include distinguishing staff and lay discrepancies, management styles, ministry glue, ministry culture, success criterion, and more related to balancing church structure for empowering missional ministry.


Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop

1.  You will learn some positive and negative characteristics of competing values in organizational cultures.

2.  You will learn about internal, external, dynamic, and stable organizational orientations.

3.  Gain understanding about distinguishing staff and lay discrepancies.

4.  Learn about impact analysis and action steps in establishing a plan for balancing organizational cultures.

5.  You will learn about value orientations, leadership styles, ministry glue, and more creating a balanced organizational ministry culture.

Workshop Outline

1.  Competing Values in Organizational Cultures

2.  Organizational Cultures

3.  Balancing Organizational Cultures

4. Understanding Components of Organizational Culture