MR1-4B:  Balancing Church Designs

Moving Congregations to a Missional Church Design

An in-depth overview of current emerging church core values, missional strategy, designs, and structures present in congregations today.  Participants will gain valuable insights through discussions of ministry examples and learn about problems with a ministry values paradox vs a balanced church designs model.  Packed with ministry resources for designing a contextual, balanced, interculturally focused, and missionally driven church.  



Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That missional roles of gifted people may shape church design.

2.  That the focus should be to shape the church within Biblical church designs.

3.  That understanding current church design systems will allow for reshaping to a Biblical model of church design with a holistic missional strategy.


Workshop Outline

1.  Church Designs Framework

2.  Church Design Dimensions

3.  Balancing Church Designs

4.  Community Ministry Design

5.  Church Marketing Design

6.  Church Management Design

7.  Missional Church Design