MR1-5B:  Balancing
Mentoring Ideals

Developing Missional Discipleship Strategies

Key ideas for balancing mentoring efforts will be discussed in this workshop.  Participants will review their own mentoring ideals and  how they do mentoring to evaluate if they are following Biblical patterns.  Discussions will include mentoring vision, strategies, methods, and communication in relation to staff and lay participation.


Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop

1.  You will learn about the significance of mentoring to the local church and its value to the overall ministry of the church.

2.  Discuss the Biblical vision and develop some goals for mentoring.

3.  Identify some stategies and methods related to successful mentoring.

4.  Discuss content and communication decisions.


Workshop Outline

1.  Mentoring Significance

2.  Mentoring Vision

3.  Mentoring Strategy

4.  Mentoring Structure

5.  Mentoring Communication