MR1-6B:  Balancing
Missional Strategy

Overview of Missional Strategy Principles

This workshop is loaded with beneficial information on balancing your mission strategy for productive results.  Provoking questions will address whether strategy is Biblical, who should be involved in the strategic process, and what are the components of strategy and many more.  Presenter will discuss some key books and well as identify possibly the most promising strategy for 21st century missional growth.   


Workshop Objectives

1.  You will learn what strategy is and some arguments against having a strategy.

2.  The key characteristics of who should be involved in missional strategy.

3.  You will learn about balancing missional strategy with the APEPT missional roles.

4.  Discuss widely used strategy methods in ministry today and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

5.  You will learn an important tool in analyzing new missional strategies.


Workshop Outline

1.  Balancing Missional Strategy

2.  Missional Shepherding

3.  Missional Developing

4.  Missional Advancing

5.  Missional Establishing

6.  Defining Missional SWOT