1-2---FaithCommunity.jpgIM1-2:  Faith in the Community

Intercultural Competency in Neighborhoods

The workshop will illustrate the ethnographic process as applied to two neighborhoods and demonstrate some of the issues in developing the intercultural competency needed for compassionate ministry. An overview will be provided of some of the typical worldviews found in such neighborhoods and the opportunities and challenges communicators face in these contexts. Materials will be drawn from over 800 ethnographies.



Workshop Objectives


By attending this workshop

1.  You will develop a vision to use your resources to reach your non-Christian friends.

2.  You will learn a way to understand what people think about and what deeply concerns them.

3.  You will learn to live in such a way that non-Christians become curious about your beliefs.

4.  Using limited time weekly you will learn to develop ministries working with other Christians.




Workshop Outline

1.  Case study and learning a local culture group.

2.  Availability and Flexibility.

3.  Understanding Team Efforts.