1-3---BecomingMissionaryCon.jpgIM1-3:  Becoming a
Missionary Congregation

In Culturally Diverse Communities

The workshop will highlight six basic types of communities and how their respective social environments produce different cultural practices, cultural values, and spiritual issues that shape missional approaches. The major concepts, skills, and tasks needed to function as a missionary congregation will be highlighted. A model for developing Missional Learning Clusters within culturally-diverse communities will be explored as a basis for collaborative learning that leads toward the implementation of missional practices as part of a missional strategy.


Workshop Objectives

From this workshop you will gain:

1.  An understanding of the six basic types of communities and their differences reflected in their cultural practices.

2.  An understanding of the cultural values and spiritual issues of the six basic types of communities.

3.  An understanding of local presence of community types.

4.  A foundation for implementation of missional strategy.

Workshop Outline

1.  Upscale to Urban Communities  

2.  Cultural Practices

3.  Cultural Values

4.  Spiritual Issues

5.  Sample Neighborhoods