1-4---EngagingDiverse.jpgIM1-4:  Engaging Culturally-Diverse Communities

Through Ethnographic Participation

As part of the emphasis on six basic types of communities and their respective social environments, the ethnographic process  will be demonstrated as a foundation for engaging cultural groups. This workshop will emphasize the practical techniques of participant observation and ethnographic interview as a means of building both relationships and deeper understanding of the community. Case studies about establishing relationships with six types of communities will be presented.



Workshop Objectives

In this workshop you will learn:

1.  How to engage diverse communities through participant observation.

2.  How to engage diverse communities through ethnographic interviews.

3.  How to build a data base.

4.  Develop team sharing of ethnographic notes .




Workshop Outline

1.  Participant Observation Elements and Scope.

2.  The Ethnographic Interview and Questions.

3.  Ethics of the Interview.

4.  Data Base Entries and Team Sharing.