IM1-1:  Faith in the City Square

Implications of Emerging Contours

An overview of the emerging cultural diversity and worldview orientations, together with the impact these will have on the city as a whole, its business community, and the projected trends within church ministry from 2010-2030. A view of intercultural competency as foundational for city transformation will be offered and the need for missional engagement by the church will be emphasized.




Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That your community is culturally diverse ethnically and socially.

2.  That your community is culturally diverse spiritually.

3.  That understanding value orientations is foundational to understanding cultural differences.

4.  That increased cultural diversity makes it necessary for churches to develop a missional response to the changing needs in the community.


Workshop Outline

1.  Cultural Diversity in the Area Now & 2030

2.  Diverse Value Orientations

3.  Implications for Future Christian Ministries