1-6---AcquiringCulturalAwar.jpgIM1-6:  Acquiring
Cultural Awareness

Learning Aspects of Ethnic Life Views

This workshop will focus on how to acquire an understanding of ethnic life views (worldview – how they view life) through the ethnographic process. Seven key questions of worldview will be considered as a focus of the ethnographic process. A discussion will follow on how the seven questions lead into a contextualized approach for sharing the Good News of Christ and starting Church Planting Movements.




Workshop Objectives 


By attending this workshop you will:

1.  Acquire cultural awareness.

2.  Understand the major life questions for gospel presentation readiness.

3.  Progress in ethnographic research abilities.

4.   Learn what to expect during the ethnographic interview.


Workshop Outline

1.   Key Life Questions

2.  Case study using Key Life Questions in the Ethnographic Interview

3.  Interpreting the Ethnographic Interview, Lessons and Breakthroughs