1-5---BecomingCulturallyAwa.jpgIM1-5:  Becoming Culturally Aware

Exploring Dimensions of Ethnic Life

A focus on understanding ethnic identity as it forms in immigrant communities.  Inter-generational struggles among immigrants: those who come as adults to America, those who come as children and those who are born to immigrant parents in America will be discussed. Issues of assimilation and ethnic-based churches will be explored.




Workshop Objectives

By participating in this workshop:

1.  You have an understanding of the percentage of local immigrant foreign born.

2.  You will know some of the potential obstacles for ministering to local foreign born.

3.  You will learn missional approaches to immigrant ministry.


Workshop Outline

1.  Immigrant Growth Overview US and Locally by Counties

2.  Ethnic Realities, Enculturation, and Acculturation

3.  Difficulties with Panethnicity

4.  Education, Poverty, Religious Heritage of Foreign Born

5.  Missional Immigrant Ministry