2-7---ResearchingPeoplePlac.jpgIM2-7:  Researching Your Peoples & Places 

Practice in Internet & Library Ethnographic Research

Training will include pursuing outside readings, bibliographic research and internet search of local businesses, religious establishments and key word searches that would provide additional information about the group. Included in training is a supervised research opportunity that enables the participants to have feedback regarding their people group or neighborhood research.  Participants will conduct internet-based research on their people or place.  Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop if they have one.  Otherwise access to a computer will be provided as available.  


Workshop Objectives

Participants will receive training:

1.  In internet research of their chosen peoples or place.

2.  Library resources for ethnographic research.

3.  Supervised research and feedback opportunity regarding their people group or neighborhood.


Workshop Outline

1.   Internet Resources, Businesses, and Religious Establishments

2.   Library Resources

3.   Staff Feedback on Research Findings