2-3---GraspingPlaces.jpgIM2-3:  Grasping the Missionary Heart of God for Places

Biblical Foundations for Communities

This is a study of a theology of place as a means of understanding ways in which people relate to communities.  The study demonstrates how the relationship to location impacts culture, society, and spiritual issues.  This study will also reveal ways to discern the activity of God within communities in order to join in with where He is at work.



Workshop Objectives


By participating in this workshop you will:

1.  Examine the place where culture is created;  some tainted by sin and , some where God is at work.

2.  Learn the central themes of “place” and Biblical histories of place.

3.  Learn Biblical principles of the Gospel of Good News in landless and landed experiences of place.




Workshop Outline

1.  Place Where Humanity Acts

2.  Place in Which God Acts

3.  Two Biblical Histories Regarding Place

4.  Landless Experiences of Place

5.  Landed  Experiences of Place

6.  Identifying God at Work in Places