2-5-JoiningGod.jpgIM2-5:  Joining God at Work Among People & in Places

Discerning God at Work among Peoples & in Places

Participants will learn how to discern ways in which God is at work in the lives of individuals, in various types of social and ethnic groups, and community social systems.  Interactive group activities will include the application of Biblical principles to the people and social settings within specific local neighborhood.  Through the interaction and learning exercises, participants will learn how to apply a biblical theology of people group and place to specific neighborhoods and cultural groups as a means of joining where God is at work. 


Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop:

1.  Biblical principles to identify needs regarding place in the community.

2.  Steps to join in with God at work in the community.

3.  How to identify major people groups and life style segments in your zip code.


Workshop Outline

1.  Identify God at Work

2.  God’s Good News to those who Lack Place, have misplaced Trust, and New Place

3.  Steps to Join in with God at Work

4.  Application to Zip Code

5.  Group Work