2-1---GraspingPeopleGroups.jpgIM2-1:  Grasping the Missionary Heart of God for People Groups

Biblical Foundations for People Groups

A study of a biblical theology of people groups demonstrates how the scripture is interwoven with the heart of God to draw all peoples unto Himself.  Through this study, the participants will learn of the scope of the “missio dei” – the mission of God’s redemption in this world from creation unto today.  The continuity of the mission of God in the Old & New Testaments and the role of the people of God in His mission will be stressed. 



Workshop Objectives

Workshop Participant's will discover:

1.  God's mission for His people from the Old Testament

2.  Your missional call following conversion

3.  Biblical perspecives of people groups and significance to ministry today



Workshop Outline


1.  Old Testament Mission of the People of God

2.  Missional Call in New Testament Conversion

3.  Introduction to People Groups

4.  Biblical Perspective of People Groups

5.  Missional Definition of People Groups