2-4---EstablishingTeam.jpgIM2-4:  Establishing a Missional Team for a People or Place

Identifying Potential Participants in Missional Ministry

The participants will be taught to identify and network with believers from similar backgrounds to learn what is already being done and what resources are available.  What are other believing groups doing in your area?  What kind of people are you looking for?  Learning how to build a missional team that takes best advantage of the personnel and resources in your area will be the focus of our seminar.

Workshop Objectives


By attending this workshop you will:

1.   Articulate your vision for missional ministry.

2.   Consider potential team members.

3.   Establish prayer goals to involve team members.

Workshop Outline

1.  Casting a Vision for Missional Ministry

2.  Evaluate Team Members Needed

3.  Recruiting Often Overlooked Team Members