2-2---EstablishingFocus.jpgIM2-2:  Establishing a People Group or Place Focus

Spiritual Discernment of People Groups and Places 

This training will enable the participants to identify their “community focus group” and where they are located.  For those who have a community already in focus we will look for knowledge gaps and discern areas that need further description.  We will develop concepts of strategic focus, seeking out the person of peace and related approaches to seek out and save the lost.



Workshop Objectives

By attending this workshop you will:

1.  Receive training on understanding on your most likely opportunities for missional involvement.

2.  Learn about the cultural gatekeepers and priority cultures.

3.  Connect with 5-6 other participants to define current locations and potential unreached people group focus.


Workshop Outline

1.  Five strategic factors to consider in establishing missional opportunities

2.  Location factors to consider in establishing missional opportunities

3.  Small group discussion