Evaluating Missional Processes

Inspecting Evangelization, Disciplemaking & Leadership Development

In this last session we will address issues in evaluating evangelization processes, disciplemaking processes, and indigenous leadership development processes.  Cultural dimensions of processual performance evaluation will be stressed especially in light of principles of indigenization and contextualization.  Specific behaviors that lead to evangelization, disciplemaking, indigenous leadership development and missional multiplication outcomes will be reviewed.  


Workshop Objectives

1.  Participants will understand the behaviors and issues in evaluating the evangelization, disciplemaking and leadership processes for application personally and corporately in the congregation.    

2.  Presenter will discuss specific helpful resources and worksheets to aid in evaluation of missional processes.     

3.  Presenter will review various commitment levels for measuring and designing neo tribal specific ministries. 



Workshop Outline

1.   Evaluating Disciplemaking Processes 

2.   Reach, Win, Teach, Train, Send   

3.   Evaluating Contextualzation Processes 

4.   Scope of Contextuality

5.   Transculturation, Theologization, and Transformation Process