Appraising Missional Contextualization

Evaluating Culturally-Appropriate Outcomes

A framework for evaluating the process of contextualization (customizing for specific cultural groups) will be utilized in evaluating both the sustainability of missional ministries and their potential for an emerging missional movement. As a result of the training the participants will design an appraisal process for existing missional ministries to evaluate their cultural appropriateness in light of missional principles.


Workshop Objectives

1.   Participants will gain an understanding of the primary issues in the process of evaluation of contextualization.        

2.   Participants learn about some missional foundations to gain a better understanding of contextualization.

3.   Participants will discuss reproducing congregations, congregational DNA, and the evaluation of missional sustainability.  

4.   Presenter will discuss discerning internal adaptive strategies, direction, and transformation in light of cultural distances.         


Workshop Outline

1.   Framework for Evaluating Contextualization 

2.   Evaluating Missional Sustainability 

3.   Evaluating Contextual Appropriateness