Developing Evaluative Functions

Designing Qualitative & Quantative Evaluation

Various simple evaluative approaches using both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (interviews) will be discussed. Sample surveys and interview guides will be reviewed and applied to various cultural groups and contexts.  A brief discussion of the cultural dimensions of questionnaires and interview guides will be included.   Appropriate ways to evaluate multicultural teams will also be discussed.

Workshop Objectives

1.   Participants will learn about some of the types of research styles and their differences.     

2.   Participants will learn why it is important to conduct research and about the benefit for ministry evaluation.

3.   Participants will gain practical understanding through evaluating a case study.

4.   Participants will be encouraged to engage in a daily practice of discovery using qualitative research.   


Workshop Outline

1.   Quantitative Approaches to Evaluation    

2.   Qualitative Approaches to Evaluation 

3.   Selecting the Right Approach 

4.   Cultural Dimensions in Evaluation

5.   Evaluating Multi-Ethnic Teams

6.   Researcher Roles