Assessing Missional Implementation

Relating Missional Principles to Ministry Practice

An overview of the areas of missional ministry that need assessment and methods to evaluate them under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in culturally-diverse communities in your local area.  Analytical tools to assess missional implementation such as a SWOT analysis, creating measureable objectives, and establishing priorities are reviewed.



Workshop Objectives

1.   You will discuss the areas of ministry that need assessment and re-evaluation with the Holy Spririt's guidance to effectively reach your community.  

2.   You will discuss your capabilities and discern ministry change readiness by analyzing traits and tools to measure readiness.        

3.  You will learn about resources to aid in your evaluation with particular emphasis on worldview beliefs.   

4.   You will be trained in the SWOT method of assessment of philosophy for implementation evaluation.   


Workshop Outline

1.   Assess Reproductive Capabilities 

2.   Assess Philosophy Implementation 

3.   Missional Team Matrix Evaluation 

4.   Evaluate Goals & Create Objectives

5.   Re-evaluate Current Practices