IM3-1:  Group Formation & Social Identity

Discerning Your Connections to Groups

A discussion of various dimensions of the cultural context found in neighborhoods leads to an understanding of how ethno and socio-groups are formed.  We will discuss how ethno and socio-groups and their lifestyles become a mental map that influence and are influenced by the group’s values, attitudes, and beliefs.  Group values in turn are lived out in activities, interests, and opinions.  In this session we will explore the “culturedentity sphere” and how group formation  becomes part of a person’s own self-identity.


Workshop Objectives

In this workshop you will:

1.  Learn about social identity issues of people groups in making connections to individuals.

2.  Learn about social segmentation in North America to identify connections for evangelism.

3.   Develop a missional team identity profile using the culturedentity sphere.


Workshop Outline

1.  Group Formation in Knoxville

2.  Social Identity Issues of People Groups

3.  Social Identity & Worldview

4.  3 Key Influences on Social Identity

5.  Social Identity Model of People Groups

6.  Reality Check: Why is this Important

7.  CultureDentity Sphere

8.  Missional Team Identities Profile