IM5-2:  Implementing Field-Based Cultural Learning

Analyze Your Findings

This workshop will address some important concepts about ethnographic research and implementation of findings from field-based cultural group study.  Presenter will discuss team member work from sorting to compiling field findings. Presenter will provide examples of this process to better aid in participant understanding. Developing a plan of action based on the ethnographic findings will be a highlight of the workshop.





Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That you will learn about best note taking practices.

2.  Learn how to work with other team members to define terms, note exceptions, and create lists of findings with appropriate cited quotes.

3.  Discover from your findings a strategy to share the gospel with the cultural group and a plan of action to implement your evangelistic goals.




Workshop Outline

1.  Comparing Notes

2.  Creating Taxonomies

3.  Noting Disagreements & Contradictions

4.  Developing a Strategy

5.  Developing a Plan of Action



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Seminar Logistics

Schedule:  1 day

Sessions:  Three 90 - 120 minute

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Incarnational Principle

IM5-2: Implementing Field-Based
Cultural Learning

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Ethnography Consultations

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