IM5-3:  Identifying and Developing Missional Venues

Seeking Ways to Connect

This workshop will further discuss the example of the Apostle Paul in becoming embedded as a missionary. Discover how he ministered to different people groups as well as look at some of the intercultural issues involved in Paul's ministry. Presenter will discuss key concepts in identifying venues for missional ministry and identifying cultural neotribes in venues. The workshop will conclude with discussions about developing missional venues & cultural bridges and becoming linked to cultural groups.   


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  Learn about being an embedded missionary from the example of Paul.

2.  Discover three primary elements in missional venues and why you should use a missional venue.

3.  Discuss the dimensions of interaction and disclosure in observing missional venues.


Workshop Outline

1.  Missional Venues of the Apostle Paul

2.  Identifying Missional Venues

3.  Developing Missional Venues