IM5-1:  Applying the
Incarnational Principle

Identifying Cultural Groups 

This workshop will lay the ground work for intercultural ministry by beginning with a look at Paul's life as an artisan, and his practice of identifying and becoming a part of the cultural groups around him as a means of missionary activity. Further discussions will include the neotribalism of cultural groups, embedded relationships, and making connections with groups in the community.  


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  Understand more about your self among your cultural groups and how well you adapt to others.

2.  Learn about current spiritual, personal, and social ideas concerning self-identity among cultural groups.

3.  Discover some community subcultures and neotribal behaviors, activities, interests, and beliefs.

4.  Examine some key concepts of how to identify cultural groups and become linked to cultural groups in the community. 



Workshop Outline

1.  Paul as an Artisan-Missionary

2.  The NeoTribalism of Cultural Groups

3.  Becoming a Missionary Among the Cultural NeoTribes



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Seminar Logistics

Schedule:  1 day

Sessions:  Three 90 - 120 minute

Seminar Workshops

IM5-1:  Applying the
Incarnational Principle

IM5-2: Implementing Field-Based
Cultural Learning

IM5-3:  Identifying & 
Developing Missional Venues

IM5-4:  Individual & Group
Ethnography Consultations

IM5-5:   Field Experience
in Informant Interviewing

IM Series:  Intercultural Ministry