IM6-4:  Developing Missional Team Strategies

APEPT Leadership Using Missional Principles

This workshop will be an encouragement in understanding how to apply the types of missional engagement to the Biblical APEPT gifts and roles. Presenter will discuss the basic puzzle pieces of missional engagement, and review the ministry roles from Ephesians 4.  Specifics on each of the five missional roles, functions, and tasks, and what skills are needed for each gift today will be discussed.  An important look at the APEPT team working together will be a highlight of what is gained from participating in this workshop.     


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  Learn about the scope of missional engagement.

2.  Review principles from Ephesians 4.

3.  Identify skills and ministry tasks of five ministry role gifts for today.

4.  Learn how to empower the missional roles and apply the roles to specific tasks in the congregation and outreach in the community to create a contextual channel.

5.  Make application of APEPT skills to different types of neighborhoods by answering five questions.


Workshop Outline

1.  Diversity of Missional Engagement Basic Pieces

2.  Missional Team Biblical Principles

3.  Missional Roles, Tasks, Skills

4.  Missionaries Today