IM6-1:  Creating Culturally Appropriate Missional Approaches

Understanding Biblical Contextualiation

This workshop will call participants to rethink missiological issues for the North American context.  Presenter will review some key ideas from missiological contributors on understanding basics of indigeneity. Applications for ministry will be made in response to the neotribalism of our postmodern, western culture.  Discussion will include a missional reflection process and the missional minister's role today.    


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  Learn about what an effective missional minister and a missional priority congregation understand in relation to their context.

2.  Gain a better understanding of the core issue that divides us into people groups and some changes that are necessary for cultural relevancy.

3.  Become aware of the contextualization and key questions to answer.

4.  Identify ten characteristics of contextual churches and methodologies.


Workshop Outline

1.  Missional Foundations

2.  NeoTribal Missional Development

3.  Cultural Relevance & Cultural Relativism

4.  Understanding Contextuality

5.  Contextualizing for NeoTribal Cultures

6.  10 Characteristics of Contextual Churches

7.  Missional Minister's Role Today