Reproductive Disciplemaking

Empowering Multiplying Levels

This workshop will focus on intentional efforts to make disciples among specific groups of people in the community.  Workshop leader will discuss the Biblical emphasis of disciplemaking that is often overlooked in today's congregations by teaching the missional multiplication principle found in the New Testament.



Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That missionary congregations will actively be involved in intentional reproduction of disciples.

2.  You will learn four levels of reproductive disciplemaking.

3.  Become aware of how the missional multiplicaiton principle needs to be incorporated into your local congregration.

4.  You will be challenged to evaluate your involvement in reproductive disciplemaking.


Workshop Outline

1.  Intentional Reproduction of Disciples

2.  Discuss Biblical Basis for Reproductive Disciplemaking

3.  Four Levels of Multiplication

4.  Application to Efforts in Disciplemaking within the Local Congregration



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Workshop Logistics

Time:  90-120 minutes

Power Point Projector needed


Workshop Links

ME4-1:  Incarnational Principle

ME4-2:  Customization Process

ME4-3:  Reproductive Disciplemaking

Seminar 4: Missional Connections

Series:  Missional Engagement