SMC3-1:  Churchianity
-- Is It Working?

Reality Check for Missional Focus

A beneficial workshop in helping to understand key issues related to missional focus within the church.  Biblical and practical considerations will be discussed and developed in evaluating the missionary task and community connections. Presenter will address issues related to why missional results often are not seen in our churches and introduce the missional components for Scriptural disciplemaking that may open a new level of effective mission. 


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  How to conduct a missional evaluation from a Biblical perspective.

2.  Gain a better understanding of church health and your church's implementation of missional principles to join in with God's redemptive plan to reach your community.

3.  Learn why missional results are minimal in the church.

4.  Discover ways to develop a more balanced missional congregation. 



Workshop Outline

1.  Introduction to Missional Congregations 

2.  Issues in Missional Church Evaluation

3.  Community Reflection, Connections, and Reality Check

4.  Basic Pieces for a Missional Congregation



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Seminar Logistics

Schedule:  1 day

Sessions:  Three 90 - 120 minute

Seminar Workshops

SMC3-1:  Churchianity--Is it Working?

SMC3-2:  Core: Theology, Roles, Celebration

SMC3-3:  Context:  Culture, Diversity, Worldview

SMC3-4:  Connections:  Incarnation, Contextualization, Disciplemaking

SMC3-5:  Capacity:  Indigeneity, Measurements, Strategy