SMC3-5:  Missional Capacity:
Indigeneity, Measurements, Strategy

Maximizing Ministry Potential

An indigenous church plant should consistently develop lay leadership that reaches out to non-believers in the community. Participants will engage in discussions concerning evaluating missionary congregations, growth and multiplication.  Missional strategy development will be discussed and will include developing a solidly Biblical culturally-appropriate gospel presentation as well as some of Paul's multiplying strategies.


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That Missionary congregations actively develop servant indigenous lay leadership.

2.  Some key ideas about indigenous congregations and development of lay leaders.

3.  How to measure success in the church by measuring growth and involvement in missional roles.

4.  Understand the priority of relationships, giving time, and committment to the missional activites of the church.

5.  Implementation of strategic plans to reach non-believers including presentation of the gospel message. 


Workshop Outline

1.  Indigenous Church Congregations and Lay Leadership

2.  Measuring Success in the Church

3.  Relationship Orientation

4.  Contextual Process Orientation

5.  Strategic Plans for Multiplication

6.  People Group Focus Impact 

7.  Center of Influence