IM4-1:  Crossing Cultural Bridges & Overcoming Cultural Barriers

Exploring Cultural Lifestyles to Facilitate the Spread of the Gospel

Through this session the participants will gain an understanding of potential cultural barriers to the spread of the gospel and how to identify them among a cultural group.  They will also gain an understanding of potential cultural bridges across which believers can gain access to a group and build relationships with non-believers and how to discern them.   Various types of cultural bridges and cultural barriers will be discussed along with strategies for overcoming the cultural barriers especially among resistant population groups.  Cultural barriers include both those issues that arise from the people group to be reached and from within the culture of the missionaries themselves. 


Workshop Objectives

By attending this workshop:

1.  You will learn about 5 types of Community Bridges.

2.  You will learn how to build naturally occurring relationships with non-believers.

3.  You will discover implications for missional congregations.

Workshop Outline

1.  Crossing, Defining, and Types of Cultural Bridges in the Local Community

2.  Overcoming Cultural Barriers

3.  Receptivity vs. Resistance; Receptivity Markers and Resistance Indicators

4.  Implications for Intercultural Ministry