IM4-2:  Acquiring Cultural Information through Relationship

Plan for Your Field Experience

Participants will learn how to design a cultural research process as well as interview questionnaires. They will also learn how to select cultural informants in order to learn the most cultural information possible. The training will expose the students to a process that leads from initial contact,
to relationship building, to conducting informal interviews. The session will include time for participant teams to go into the community and to practice setting up interviews and conducting interviews followed by a feedback discussion. Each participant will commit to achieving 5 one hour interviews with local informants before the next training module.  



Workshop Objectives

By attending this workshop:

1.  You will be better prepared for a successful ethnographic interview.

2.  You will develop strategies and a particular focus for your missional ministry.

Workshop Outline

1.  Note Taking During the Ethnographic Interview

2.  Classification of Ethnographic Interview Results

3.  The Interviewer During the Ethnographic Interviewer

4.  Cross-referencing Your Ethnographic Notes

5.  Strategic Approaches and Focus