ME3-3:  Worldview Orientation

Understanding Community LifeViews

This workshop will focus on the need for missionary congregations to understand the worldview orientation of the individuals around them.  By understanding lifeview, gospel presentations may be developed so that assumptions and barriers will be minimized or eliminated.  Participants in the workshop will gain an understanding of true Biblical conversion and worldview transformation.



Workshop Objectives

What you will learn in this workshop  

1.  That missionary congregations seek to know the lifeview and worldview assumptions of those in their community.

2.  That personal value systems correlate with actions and behaviors.

3.  You will gain a better understanding of North American worldview orientations.

4.  You will discover the transformational nature of Biblical Conversion.

Workshop Outline

1.  Understanding Lifeview

2.  Postmodern Worldview

3.  Transformation of Lifeview

4.  Gospel Presentation Challenge



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Workshop Logistics

Time:  90-120 minutes

Power Point Projector needed


Workshop Links

ME3-1:  Cultural Awareness

ME3-2:  Biblical Diversity

ME3-3:  Worldview Orientation

Seminar 3: Missional Context

Series:  Missional Engagement