ME5-1:  Indigenous Leadership

Lay Leadership Development

Developing lay leadership within the church is vital to continue to reach out to non-believer's from the same cultural group.  This workshop will discuss how to facilitate indigenous lay leadership development.





Workshop Objectives

 What you will learn in this workshop

1.  That Missionary congregations are active in developing servant leadership from within a culture.

2.  Some key ideas of what an indigenous congregation looks like and does.

3.  You will learn how to develop indigenous lay leaders.


Workshop Outline

1.  Understanding an Indigenous Church

2.  Discuss a Formula to Determine If a Church is Indigenous

3.  Discussion of Indigenous Leadership 

4.  Three Definitions of Indigenous Churches

5.  Developing and Multiplying Indigenous Lay Leadership



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Workshop Logistics

Time:  90-120 minutes

Power Point Projector needed


Workshop Links

ME5-1:  Indigenous Leadership

ME5-2:  Kingdom Measurements

ME5-3:  Multiplying Strategy

Seminar 5: Missional Capacity

Series:  Missional Engagement