MA1-2:  Our Worship Reflects
Who We Are

Cultural Artifacts Glorifying God

This eye opening workshop will deal heavily with the beginnings of culture and move on to the responsibility given to every human by God through the cultural mandate.   The arts are discussed as to their relevance in bringing man to a relationship with God as well as reflective of various aspects of God’s beauty and creativity.  Keys topics and issues touch upon worship that relate to culture, both ethnic and generational, the missionary principle, and other issues will allow for a better understanding of one’s own worship and how worship reflects who we are. 


Workshop Objectives

1.  To learn that culture is the product of God's creative powers.

2.  To understand the Biblical view that humanity are inventive image bearers.

3.  To review the concept that a Biblical aesthetic is reflective worship.

4.  To understand that cultural artifacts (or forms) can glorify God.

5.  To learn that our worship reflects who we are culturally.


Workshop Outline

1.  Where Did Culture Come From?

2.  Humanity are Inventive Image-Bearers 

3.  A Biblical Aesthetic is Reflective Worship

4.  Our Cultural Artifacts Can Glorify God

5.  Our Worship Reflects Who We Are


Workshop Category


Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Workshop Logistics

Time:  120 minutes

Power Point Projector needed


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