SMC5a-1:  Missional Strategy, Segmentation, and Groups

Identifying Lostness and Utilizing Resources

This workshop will cover the what, why, and how of strategic planning of your ministry objectives and processes in the local congregation. Participants will be challenged with questions to evaluate current church focus and operational ministry philosophy in an effort to become more strategic in the task of reaching lost people.  Presenter will discuss three components and four benefits of community segmentation and ministry segmentation variables which will allow for a better understanding of the local church's missional context for connection to non-believers in the community. This workshop will conclude with how to understand your church membership for reproduction within the community.


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop

1.  About Biblical strategy for reaching your community with its diverse cultural groups and multiple life ways.

2.  Gain a better understanding of your local church's membership and identify weaknesses in missional focus and ministry processes.

3.  Understand that we need to implement a process to strategically penetrate lostness in our communities beginning with community and membership segmentation evaluation.


Workshop Outline

1.  Missional Strategy Development

2.  Comprehensive Strategy Management

3.  Strategic Process to Penetrate Lostness

4.  People Group Segmentation

5.  Ministry Relationship Management

6.  Understanding PENDEX 

7.  Top Ten Neotribal Cultures



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Seminar Logistics

Schedule:  1 day

Sessions:  Three 90 - 120 minute

Seminar Workshops

Fresh Expressions:

SMC5a-1:  Missional Strategy, Segmentation & Groups

SMC5a-2:  Venue Development and Person of Peace

People Movements:

SMC5b-1:  Embedded Missionary and People Movements

Contextual Gospel:

SMC5c-1:  Cultural Themes, Community, "Good News"

Contextual Disciplemaking:

SMC5d-1:  Contextual Forms, Multicultural Learning Styles

SMC5d-2:  Disciplemaking Themes, Life Transference,  Mentoring

SMC 5:       Missional Communities