MS3-3:  Initiate
Missional Channels

Missional Strategy Implementation

This workshop includes training in APEPT missional development. Participants learn how to develop a contextual set of interdependent missional roles (APEPT) involved in the process of making disciples of specific groups of people by moving them from a non-Christian worldview to become followers of Christ and missional leaders in the body of Christ. 



Workshop Key Question

Have you designed & implemented contextual plans, projects & processes that enable you to reproduce?

Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop






Workshop Outline

1.  God's Activity in Missional Strategy

2.  Spiritual Dimensions

3.  Developing a SWOT Analysis

4.  Developing Missional Channels

5.  Resourcing Missional Channels

6.  Training for Missional Channels



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Workshop Logistics

Time:  120 minutes

Power Point Projector needed


Workshop Links

MS3-1:  Contextualize Leader Cultivation  

MS3-2:  Balance Indigenous Capacity

MS3-3:  Initiate Missional Channels

Seminar 3: Leadership Strategy

MS: Missional Strategy