MS1-2:  Clarify
Congregation's Calling

Congregational Focus through Prayerful Analysis

Churches need to compare the cultural groups in the community to those in the church.  This seminar includes a research report that clarifies the most winnable population segments, those segments with the most growth potential, those segments with the most developmental potential, and those segments with the greatest mission opportunity for the church.





Workshop Key Question

Have you evaluated the community & congregational cultures to determine potential, opportunity & calling?


Workshop Objectives


What you will learn in this workshop






Workshop Outline

1.  God's Activity among People Groups

2.  God's Activity in the Church

3.  Developing Missional Competency



Workshop Content

Power Point Presentation

Contextual Data


Workshop Logistics

Time:  120 minutes

Power Point Projector needed


Workshop Links

MS1-1:  Identify Community Cultures

MS1-2:  Clarify Congregation's Calling

MS1-3:  Cultivate Evangelistic Connections

Seminar 1:  Evangelization Strategy

MS Series:  Missional Strategy